What is Website Management?

With our website management packet you can get support from our entire IT team! We are a group of programmers, system administrators, security experts and marketing experts. We’ll add your website to our management system and monitor it every day, 24/7. You will find out if your website is down even before your clients contact you!

Website Monitoring

We will keep an eye on your website 24/7. We can react even before your business clients notify you. When your website is down, you cannot serve your clients – that’s where website monitoring comes in!

Website Backups

We create daily backups of your site and store them for 90 days. We can restore and create website copies or test environments swiftly and painlessly. Backups can help roll back faulty modifications and allows the website to recover from errors or even hacking.

Website Security

We perform security checks daily to make sure that your site is secure and free from malware. Insecure websites are easy targets for hackers. If your website is infected, it will be blocked by internet browsers and clients can’t access the website anymore. In the worst case scenario, the malware has created havoc on your website for many months and infected even all the backups. So protect your website and keep your clients safe and happy!

Website Updates

Website updates include previous backups and upgrade testing. Updating your website can often cause errors, but our system detects errors and stops the update before the site breaks. Any updates to the homepage, modules or templates will need to be tested, so that all of your homepage features keep functioning. In order for the website to be safe and up-to-date, it must be updated continuously!

NB! If your website has any additional development that does not come with the core functionality of any module or WordPress, it shouldn’t be updated automatically!

Website Performance Check

We check the performance of your website and analyze causes for slowness. We will report you on the bottlenecks of the website and will make suggestions for improvement. A slow web page turns off clients and each click on a backup button will negatively affect your search engine’s ranking on Google. A slow website means a loss of customers.

Website Optimization

We optimize your website database, remove spam comments, empty the trash and clean up old backups. Optimized website database will keep your website activities smooth and fast.


What are the products of your website and keywords? Do you want to know how your website performs in the search engine? Are you more or less inferior to your competitors?

SEO reports give you an accurate overview!


We compile a monthly report of your website, so you can see how the website is doing and how much you have benefited from our services. We summarize the work done by all the modules and include them in the report. You also see information about the site’s traffic.

Comment Management

We check that your website is free from spam comments that would damage your business reputation.

Blacklist Check

We will ensure that your domain is not blacklisted. If a web page falls into the blacklist, it will be blocked by the browsers and search engines, sometimes even by the state. If your domain is in the blacklist, then your emails will end up in the client’s spam box.

Image Optimization

We optimize the resolution of your website images to ensure fast loading and good performance of the website. Up to 500MB per month or as needed.

Website Support

Website modifications will be done according to the package of your choice. The response time is the time we respond to the request or ticket. Website support means that if your website is down or broken for any reason, we will help solve the problem in the course of time according to the packet. When the number of administrative hours have run out during the month, the hourly rate will be applied according to the agreement.

Trust your website administration to us!


  • Backup
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Reports
  • Optimization


  • Backup
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Reports
  • Optimization
  • Wordpress updates
  • 1h web support


  • Backup
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Reports
  • Optimization
  • Wordpress updates
  • 2h web support
  • Plugin updates